Protection is not enough… Incident detection, monitoring and response are required.

Companies that are constantly improving their security controls need a strategic partner in MDR (Manage Detect and Response).

We offer to our clients the security of having their technological infrastructure monitored, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and in Spanish language.
Endpoint Threat (Malware) Prevention as a Service Delegated Administration SOC OT

This monitoring and analysis service seeks to minimize IT risks, reduce costs, mitigate security incidents and facilitate IT security management

Our purpose is not only about technology, but also about the service and efficiency we bring through it, in order to positively impact every business dimension of the company.

A joint effort that is reflected in the fulfillment of the organization’s objectives. 

Our service model is focused on optimizing your processes, then your employees can focus their full potential on achieving business goals, avoiding  dealing with day-to-day problems that might affect productivity.



IT Platform Administration: This service allows our clients to delegate their IT services to support missional tasks. We offer integral management of the technological infrastructure.

NOC Monitoring: Service that allows our clients to free their IT resources to support missional activities. Offering monitoring, control, network troubleshooting and maintenance.

Assessment: Service that allows our clients to evaluate their security posture in terms of configuration of their IT elements.


Incident Attention: Service oriented to the early detection of incidents through the identification and analysis of information security events.

Secure Architecture: Service oriented to the implementation of designs and review of security architectures in the systems and networks of our clients.

Threat Intelligence: Service provided through our 24/7 service center, where we perform intelligent monitoring of events and information security incidents, through the management of indicators of compromise.

Event Correlation: Service oriented to the correlation of security data in order to identify possible incidents occurring in data systems and networks.

Digital Surveillance/Brand Protection: Service that provides detection of facts or security events that may affect the good name of our customers through image impersonation, theft of information and data of a brand and other cyber-attack scenarios.

Ethical Hacking​

Vulnerability Analysis: Service that identifies technical vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cybercriminals through specialized and licensed tools, developing and implementing procedures for closing vulnerabilities in different environments of our customers.

Intrusion Tests: Service oriented to the execution of vulnerability exploitation tests simulating the actions of a cybercriminal by means of the expert personnel of Rsec Group.

Social Engineering: Service oriented to identify problems in the management of information security. Evaluation of human behavior in the face of attacks directed at people in the organization, identifying strengths and weaknesses in compliance with security policies.

Code Evaluation: Service oriented to analyze client application code, to detect errors, vulnerabilities and bad practices in the development process, from a security perspective.